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Top 3 Easiest Vegetables to Grow I Have Ever Found

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shows you the top 3 easiest perennial vegetables you can grow in the summer that John has ever found!

In this episode, John shares with you 3 vegetables that have grown like weeds and taken over a backyard raised bed vegetable garden.

You will discover 3 plants that grow wild with little care. These 3 vegetables are bothered little by pest, hot weather or disease and will allow you to grow food easily without any work!

First, you will learn about Moringa aka Moringa oleifera, which is a tree that produces edible leaves, fruit, and seeds.

Next, you will learn about La Mo Long aka Paederia lanuginosa that is a vining plant that is an excellent ornamental and edible plant that is used in Vietnamese Cuisine.

Next, you will learn about Longevity Spinach aka Gynura Procumbens, that grows throughout the summer season producing many mild-tasting leaves to eat.

As a bonus you will also learn about Egyptian Spinach aka Corchorus olitorius an annual that grows rambunctious during the warm summer season producing many mild-tasting leaves to eat.

Next bonus plant is Katuk aka Sauropus androgynus my favorite tasting perennial vegetable that has a mild nutty flavor.

Finally, you will learn about Tree Collards aka Brassica oleracea v acephala that grows edible collard leaves that grow into a tree that can grow for many years.

Jump to learn about the following Plants
01:24 Moringa oleifera – Moringa
02:31 Paederia lanuginosa – La Mo Long
07:02 Gynura Procumbens – Longevity Spinach
11:04 Corchorus olitorius – Egyptian Spinach
12:22 Sauropus androgynus – Katuk
12:57 Brassica oleracea v acephala – Green Tree Collards

After watching this episode you will learn the easiest vegetables you can grow that can take over your garden and provide copious amounts of highly nutritious food to eat.

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