Just a few clips compiled from a recent traditional bow making course run at the Sun Foundation in central Illinois.
In this class each student carves, scrapes and sands a seasoned split log–making it into a fully functional hunting bow. The bow-stave wood is from the Osage Orange tree–one of the most prized and effective woods for bow-making. We spent 3 days making a bow that will take down any animal on this continent. If interested in taking this class please get in touch via my website…i will be running a few throughout the US this year. In this class you will be instructed in the stages of making your bow and receive close guidance in the art of shaping and tillering a hand-made bow. Because every hand-made bow is unique, the group atmosphere will allow you to learn at an accelerated rate–as everyone gains insights from each other’s bows. This is one of my favorite courses and will become your most unique hobby/obsession. Each student will leave with their own bow.

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