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Urban Farm grows Fruit Trees & Vegetables with Flood Water Irrigation in the Desert

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ visits Greg Peterson’s Urban Farm
in Phoenix Arizona that uses Flood Water Irrigation to grow the fruits and vegetables on the property.

In this episode, you will learn about The Urban Farm, which is growing 80 fruit trees on 1/3rd of an acre along with mixed vegetables, chickens, worms, black soldier flies and compost.

You will get a tour of this amazing desert garden in Phoenix and learn about some of the many crops that are being grown. Including a cold tolerant mango tree that can supposedly handle down to 25 degrees.

You will discover some of the best crops you can grow in the Phoenix area if you are a gardener.

You will also learn three ways to turn food scraps into compost to enhance the growth of your organic vegetable garden or orchard.

You will discover a better way to do rainwater harvesting without having to store water in expensive containers.

Finally, John will interview Greg Peterson, the Gardener, and Educator to learn more about the Farm and How You can even learn more from Greg online.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
03:18 Urban Farm Tour Starts
04:39 Citrus Tree Hedge for Privacy
06:11 Mandarinquat – Most Nutritious Citrus Fruit
06:40 Remnants of Past Summer Garden
07:00 Front Yard Vegetable Garden
09:40 Water Filter for Garden (and maybe your whole house)
11:40 Letting Some Plants Going to Seed
13:46 Build a Community – Train Your Neighbors
15:32 Urban Farm Backyard Entry
17:03 Papaya Tree that is Loaded with Fruit
17:30 Why you shouldn’t buy Citrus from the Store
18:37 Most Productive Orange Tree to grow in Phoenix
19:01 Most Cold Hardy Mango Tree down to 25
19:43 How Chickens are used on the Farm
20:43 Compost Pile made from Shipping Pallets
22:40 Mulberry tree Espalier for easy harvest of berries
24:09 Easiest Tuber Vegetable that Grows anywhere in Country
25:15 Homemade Flow-Through Worm Bin to Grow Worms and Castings
28:10 Black Soldier Fly Bin – Recycle Food Waste and Make Compost
31:55 Collecting Rain Water – Storage vs Immediate Use
35:54 Interview with Greg Peterson Starts
36:05 Why did you decide to Start Growing fruit trees?
36:37 Why do you focus on growing fruit trees?
37:22 What are the 5 fruits trees to grow in Phoenix?
39:30 Why is soil so important for growing trees?
40:00 What are your websites?
40:45 Tasting Homegrown citrus fruits
41:32 Information about growing Oranges
43:30 Any words of wisdom for my viewers?
44:22 Any other Web sites?

After watching this episode, you will learn how flood water can be used to grow fruits and vegetables in the desert as well as many tips on how you can successfully grow in Phoenix or other desert areas.

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