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5 Year Old Permaculture Food Forest Grows 300+ Trees on 1/3 Acre

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ visits a Permaculture Food Forest that is growing 300+ trees on less than 1/3 of an acre in Phoenix, Arizona.

In this episode, you will learn about the best growing practices that can ensure your success in growing fruit trees on your property.

You will get a tour of this food forest in Phoenix and learn about how and why some of these trees are being grown. You will discover some of the specific techniques that are being used to maximize yield, ensure healthy trees, and much, much more.

You will discover why building soil is paramount on your property and why watering the soil everywhere on your property can be more beneficial than just watering in certain spots.

You will also learn about some new Irrigation Fittings now available at Home Depot that will make your life much easier.

and much, much more…

Finally, John will interview Jay Barringer, the gardener that takes care of this facility

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
0:02:03 Food Forest Tour Starts
0:03:03 First Reasons Why this Food Forest Works
0:04:48 Cool 8 Foot Trellis Fence
0:07:00 Outdoor Irrigation System waters indoor plants
0:08:22 Grow Tropical and deciduous fruit trees / Ripe Fig in January
0:10:10 Star Fruit Tree Loaded with Fruit
0:12:46 Front Yard Food Forest Tour
0:14:12 Why water your whole Property instead of under each tree
0:16:50 How much does water cost in Phoenix to water 300 fruit trees?
0:17:34 Buddha’s Hand Citron Fruit
0:18:54 Fruit Tree Planted two feed apart
0:19:29 Kinnow mandarin Tree Loaded with Fruit
0:21:37 New Irrigation Fittings that Make Life Easier
0:25:24 Take Time to Smell the Flowers- Loquat flowers
0:26:55 Only Vegetable Plant I found on property – Moringa
0:28:35 Where are the trees purchased?
0:30:15 Using Zip Ties to train your trees – Why or Why Not
0:31:48 Shade Structure Not necessarily for the Trees
0:32:34 Why are Vegetables Missing from the Raised Bed Garden?
0:33:34 How big to dig a hole to plant a tree?
0:35:08 Getting Pineapple Guava to Fruit in Hot Climates
0:36:45 Why Automotive Rotors are Placed Under Fruit Trees
0:38:06 3 Different Composts available for the Phoenix Area
0:40:00 Interview with Jay Starts
0:40:26 Why did you get started growing fruit trees?
0:42:10 What 3 things would have you done differently on your property?
0:44:20 What ongoing tasks do you have to do in your food forest?
0:46:04 Why didn’t you use mostly straight wood chips like Jake Mace?
0:47:50 Why did you create your own soil?
0:50:30 What are some of the ingredients in your soil mixes?
0:51:44 What do you put in your compost to get the amazing fruit on the trees?
0:53:06 Can someone use a bloom formula from a hydroponics shop to get high yield?
0:54:13 What are top 5 fruit trees that will easily grow in Phoenix?
0:56:14 Can you just purchase any variety of a specific fruit tree and succeed?
0:57:47 What are your favorite places in Phoenix to get Fruit Trees?
0:58:47 the Longan grows better than lychee?
0:59:00 How do you help people in Phoenix grow food?
1:00:13 Any final words of wisdom for my viewers?

After watching this episode, you will learn how flood water can be used to grow fruits and vegetables in the desert as well as many tips on how you can successfully grow in Phoenix or other desert areas.

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