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Why I Won’t Buy a Benelli M2- Nutnfancy

It’s not the Benelli shotgun is bad. It has a big fan following in the 3 Gun world and many will proclaim its durability and reliability after being tuned. But here I will have a tactical shotgun focus. With time and money we can make any gun reliable. But can you take the Benelli M2 from the box and rely upon it 100% without investing a lot of time and money in mods? How about with emergency loads? We’ll find out here.

Know that I do have a long history with the Benelli, having owned two of them in the past and having sold both for good reasons (discussed here). But maybe time and improvements over a decade of sales have changed things. So I put my prejudice aside and secure an M2 for testing and test it we do. Will it stack up agains the higher value competition like the excellent Mossberg 930 [https://youtu.be/sj7T_1mNSf0] and how about the war ready FN SLP [https://youtu.be/sj7T_1mNSf0]? In the end you’ll see the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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