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Learn Hydroponic Tower Gardening + More at The Urban Farming Institute

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ goes on a field trip to the Urban Farming Institute in Oakland Park, Florida to show you how you can learn to grow food in South Florida.

In this episode, John will show you around the Urban Farming Institute to show you how you can learn to grow food in a variety of methods: in the soil, hydroponic, microgreens, and much more.

You will learn about the different areas of the Urban Farming Institute as well as some of the classes they offer. You will learn about the largest Apiary in Florida that is helping the Bees.

You will discover how you can easily grow microgreens inside your home and purchase local and fresh organic produce in South Florida at their CSA and organic farm stand.

Jump to the following Parts of this episode:

02:42 Tour of Community Garden
11:37 Hydroponic off-grid system
13:18 Hydroponic Tower System
20:58 Growing Hops in South Florida
21:38 Largest Urban Apiary in Florida
25:45 Collecting Rain Water
27:08 Plant Starts for sale
27:55 Tour of Warehouse
30:14 Microgreens Growing
34:55 Interview Starts
35:16 What is the Urban Farming Institute
35:30 How long ago was this started?
36:09 Is this just for Farmers or Home Owners?
36:15 What kind of programs do you offer?
36:45 If someone wants to learn how can they do that
37:00 What do you hear at the Urban Farming Institute?
37:40 Why do you volunteer at the Urban Farming Institute
39:08 What is the best growing season in South Florida?
39:50 Do you sell organic produce to the public?
40:15 What do you need to keep this institute going?
41:15 What is your website?

After watching this episode, you will learn more about a variety of methods you can use to grow food as well as more information about the Urban Farming Institute where you can learn by volunteering or taking classes.

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