Making War Axe Using Only Fire And Clay In Mosquitoes Territory

In this video I will show you step by step how I made this oven and war axe without the use of ANY modern tools, only using fire and clay.

First step is to collect the material needed for the fire, as fire will be the most important tool here. I used a Mullein stalk on a balsam fir board.

Second step is to build the oven, for this I will be using mostly rock and dirt/sand. This oven is made specifically for what I want to do. It will help me making clean cuts and digging holes in the woods.

Last step is to make the axe. I used Carpinus Carolinian, as it is a VERY strong wood, and beautiful to. I went into an area that was going to be cut down this summer, to build houses. Not a single tree that been cut had any chance of survival.

Digging into the wood is a long process but when done carefully and correctly, you can dig a perfect hole in the wood only using an ember.

To secure the rock, I used Dirca bark, once again a tree that was going to be cut shortly. The bark of this tree is by very far, the strongest when it comes to make cordage. I could hang myself with the thin cordage I made, or almost …

How to make stone age weapon without modern tools

How to make glue / pitch in the wood :

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