THE FARMHOUSE EP.1 – Working at our 109 Year Old Homestead – Building a Bushcraft Saw Horse

We recently moved into our 110 year old Edwardian farmhouse. In episode 1 of the farmhouse series I am working at the homestead, building a saw horse from a cedar log. I use hand tools to process the log into a useable piece of wood to build with. First I use the drawknife to take the bark off the log itself. As I don’t have a workbench yet, I prop the log up between a fork in the apple tree. I then cut the log to roughly 1m length. Using my bushcraft axe, I craft two wood wedges and begin splitting the log in half using these. I then hew the rest of the log with the axe. For the legs I use a hand auger to make the holes for the legs. Using my bushcraft knife, I bevel one end of the legs and hit them in using the wood mallet that I carved. I then talk about our cottage in the countryside.
I am to do a number of projects on the farmhouse. Including the building of a workshop where I can practise bushcraft and woodworking skills. As well as a chicken coop or chicken house. Next summer I will make a vegetable garden to grow my own organic food. We’re taking steps to becoming more self reliant and reducing waste in our household. Our baby is due in December and we have been working hard on renovating the interior of the house. Painting out the rooms, fitting carpets etc. Once these jobs are done, then I can focus more on the exterior of the small holding. Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for more bushcraft, shelters and camping videos.



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