Fly Fishing & Glacier Kayaking in Valdez, Alaska~ VLOG 13

Here my family and I take a trip to Valdez (bout 400 miles south of where we live) and enjoy a few days of fishing and kayaking. It was my first time kayaking around icebergs and it was super cool! (LOL i just realized my pun.) The ice sounded like Rice Krispies- really popping and snapping in the water. We saw sea lions and tons of sea otters too. Super cool. Also got to do some fly fishing off Allison Point for pink salmon. They are really fun to catch on a fly rod and we have the best luck when the tide is coming in. AND… it was sunny the entire time we were there! That is SO RARE! Almost kinda missed the ever-present rain! (NOT!) Such a treat to have nice weather and see the mountains out. Overall great family trip!

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