Survivorman & Bushman Bob | Tonga | Les Stroud

Stories of wrecked sailboats and lost sailors are as old as sea faring itself. Sailors have been lost, stranded, wrecked on reefs and crashed around in cyclones for centuries. Sadly, the story of Australian sailors Ian Thompson and Victorian Claus is one without a happy ending. Now, Les Stroud is tasked with reliving their South Pacific survival ordeal. Les strands himself on purpose, accompanied by his long-time survival buddy Bob Wilson, on a deserted island in the heart of the Kingdom of Tonga. They’ve grabbed ditch bags that contain a few survival items, but no fresh water, shelter or food. Les and Bob must rely on their extensive wilderness skills – and luck – if they hope to survive.

Directed by: Les Stroud
Starring: Les Stroud, Bob Wilson

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