70 Year Old Man Builds Tiny Cabin for his Granddaughter using Reclaimed Pallet Wood

This 70 year old man is building a tiny cabin for his granddaughter using free pallet wood that he recycled over the years. He saved money by using cheap materials, often reclaimed. It is a simple, easy and cheap diy project. He built the cabin in winter, over the course of a few weeks. The cabin has a foldaway bed made from pallets, a welsh dresser, a tiny kitchen, two windows in the gable ends, a porch with pallet wood balcony and raised beds for flowers. It also has a mini log store outside and gate to get access to the back. This cabin build is part of an ongoing project on our channel where grandad is building a mini village for his granddaughter to play in as she grows up. So far it features this tiny cabin and an iron age mini roundhouse with a thatched roof. We are now in the stage of planning the next house for her.

Many people don’t have access to wilderness or forests to build an off grid log cabin or any cabin for that matter. So this project is aimed for those who might not have that access to land, to be able to build the cabin at home with cheap materials. Pallet wood can often be collected for free if you ask permission. The wood is light and easy to work with.

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