SP1’s Emergency survival shelter Kit

https://amzn.to/3rSzugq 10 Piece emergency survival shelter kit. I’ve been wanting to recommend mylar products to you guys for a while now but I’ve either found them to be too expensive (the tent alone goes for $20 on Amazon) or not high quality enough (too flimsy or thin material, or just bright orange).

In the last few months I’ve come up with this Complete 10 Emergency Shelter Kit that can be placed in your car, office or in your get home bag. Its compact and light enough for you to have nearby at all times, and best of all, I was able to source every single item and put it all in 1 inexpensive kit for you.

Buying everything of similar quality separately on Amazon would easily cost you over $60. With this kit you’ll spend $24, plus you’ll help support my channel so I can keep making content that you and others find valuable.
(This is a amazon associate link your purchase results in a commission for my channel if you purchase Thank You)

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