Lets look At 30 Different Machetes In Field Use

I have been asked about showing my entire machete collection in one video. Here I show them all and briefly in use. Heres the run down in order 1.Condor Warlock 2.Schrade Kukri 3.Condor 18″ S.S. machete 4.Cold Steel Jungle Machete 5. Homemade 440 S.S. machete 6.Condor Mini Duku 7.Tops 170 8.Ontario 18″ Military Machete 9.Honshu Boshin Kukri 10. Ex Gurkha Khukuri House Kukri 11.Condor Village Parang 12.Kabar Cutlass 13.Marbles 18″ Bush Machete 14.Ontario SP-8 15.Tramontina 14″ Bolo 16.Honshu Boshin Parang 17.Ontario Kukri 18.Condor Jungelo 19.Terava Skrama 20.Kabar Grass Machete. 21.Condor Pack Golok 22.CRKT Chanceinhell 23.Ontario 18″ camp Machete 24.I.C. Cut Machete 25.Kabar Kukri 26.Bushcraft Parang 27.Timberline Tactical Survival Machete 28.Macca Machete 29.Cold Steel Kukri 30.Ontario Gen. 2 SP-53

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