Building a Rustic Oven with Chimney in the Woods

Join us as we build a brick pizza oven with chimney in the woods using 100 year old bricks that were reclaimed from Dad’s old house. We build a solid foundation, then build brick walls and then make a base for the oven to sit on. From there we laid down some fire bricks which will help keep in the heat in the oven and protect the concrete below from splitting. Next step was to build the brick dome. To help make the dome shape we used old logs and sticks to fill out the centre, then compacted down some wet sand on top of this to form the dome shape which the bricks could lean against. We then installed a flue or chimney with adjustable air flow damper. The final touches included make a door for the pizza oven using some of the milled ash tree which still has the bark on, and then a piece of bent hazel stick for the handle. Cheers for watching – part 2 soon!

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