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A listener writes “Hi Wes, I had an encounter in 1979-1980 in Goshen, Virginia. We were at the Boy Scout Camp and got up early to try and see deer. I lived outside of Washington, D.C. so catching sight of a deer would have been a highlight for a young kid.
As we walked through the woods near our cabins, there was a thick morning fog. We were being lead by one of the Scout leaders, it was a small group of maybe four or five people. As we walked along for maybe 10 minutes, I felt that there was another person or group with us. It was not the feeling of being watched but more like we were walking along two parallel paths in the woods. I recall hearing the irregular sound of sticks cracking etc. I wasn’t familiar with these particular woods so I wouldn’t know what was normal or unusual.
As we stopped to look at some tracks, I recall looking into the woods and seeing something but not seeing it. It was as if something (a man-like creature) was standing flush against the trees.. I would say 30 yards away. The fog had disappeared but there was a light drizzle and it was overcast. He didn’t seem to be hiding it was more as if he was waiting patiently for us to continue down the path. It seemed as if his silhouette was being absorbed by the tree. As I reflect, It seemed to me that the creature felt certain it was hidden –nearly invisible so it wasn’t trying to hide.
An interesting point I just recalled. We smelled skunk. I imagined Peppy La Pew and we were laughing about the smell. In retrospect, skunks are nocturnal animals and we didn’t see a skunk but the odor was everywhere that morning. I decided to write you after I read today’s NY Times article about animals who have an adaptation that absorbs more than 99.9% of the light. I wonder if this is an evolutionary trait available to some bigfoot?”
I spoke to the witness and he also shared a story of a childhood friend named Robert. It was an amazing encounter and I asked him to share it on the show.

Hosted by Wes Germer
Directed by Wes Germer

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