Are handguns made to withstand ANY condition? The Artic? The Sahara? Grandma’s dinner table? Believe it or not the very place you enjoy your turkey and mashed potatoes may also be the same place you’d experience the most malfunctions! Pass the gravy. More like pass the malfunctions!

0:00 Intro
0:26 The Handguns to be Tested
1:49 The First Course – Salad & Ranch
4:13 The Side Dish – Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
6:47 The Main Course – The Lard Test
8:12 The Main Course Part 2 – The Lard Thickens
10:59 A Closer Look at the Malfunctions
12:05 Leftovers & Handgun Disassembly

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GUNBROS worked directly with TheHossUSMC to bring new 2A-friendly content to life while simultaneously archiving preserving his YouTube legacy on our brother channel TheHossUSMC Video Archive. Check out the link below!

TheHossUSMC Video Archive

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