You have to know what to expect when you head out to the range! There are so many characters out there who represent the far and wide ends of the firearm community! After watching the video let us know if you spotted a stereotype that fits a friend of yours, an uncle, a stranger, or (heaven forbid) yourself!

1:34 Last Minute Man
2:17 The Correctional Officer
4:09 Black Gold, Texas Tea
4:43 Last Minute Man (Continued)
5:06 Cheap Cheap Cheap
5:47 He Ain’t Prejudice, He’s Just, Made in America
6:09 Full Kit Harrington
7:25 Last Minute Man (Again)
7:40 Do. You. Re. Load.
8:35 It Can Never be the Gun’s Fault
9:25 Closer
9:43 Last Minute Man (One Last Time)
9:57 Bonus Guy: Beast Master

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