Freedom Hill Recovery Home for Women is a 12 month Christ-centered recovery program for women coming out of addiction and abuse. We are located in Northeast Georgia. 
We have a woman that is wanting and needing to enter our program She does not have the resources and we are out of scholarships. It takes $6100 cover the cost of one year. 100% of the program goes to this life changing opportunity for her. 
Please consider giving the gift of freedom to a woman this Christmas

Mitch Easley, CPS
Director of Community Outreach
Freedom Hill Recovery Home for Women
PO Box 83
Clarkesville, GA. 30523
Cell 706-580-8957

We talk and debate about all kinds of current issues, and we also have fun and talk about historical events. We talk about being prepared, and a lot of the reasons why we need to be. We are just two normal guys, trying to give an idea on what us common folk think and feel. 
Thanks for the consideration.
Bob and Dave podcast

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