Find out how to get an amazing AR15 setup for under $1000! In this video, we’ll show you how to pick the AR15, outfitted with the most important accessories for an unbeatable price. Then, we’ll take it to the range to see how it performs! Watch “Budget-Friendly AR15 Set Up for Under $1000” and see how you can get an amazing rifle setup at an affordable price.

0:00 Garand Thumb, is that you?
0:26 Choose Your Weapon!
1:40 Staying OPTICmistic
3:03 Lighten Up!
4:00 Magazines (We ain’t talking about the Nation Enquirer)
4:44 Putting it all together
6:08 The Full Ranger Review!
11:17 In Summary
13:31 Closer
13:52 MORE!

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