DISCLAIMER: GUNBROS DOES NOT SUPPORT THIS RULE IN ANY CAPACITY. Also, the information in this video came via word of mouth with a conversation we had with an agent from the ATF. This information may not be accurate as to what’s represented in the actual rule the ATF had submitted to the federal register.

As many of you know, the ATF has come out with a rule regarding pistol braces; effectively making millions of felons overnight. We at GUNBROS are firmly opposed to the ATF’s ruling and want our customers to be well-informed on this developing issue. Devin spoke with the ATF at SHOT 2023 and got information regarding the ruling. The ATF states we have four options:

1.) Destroy the firearm
2.) Turn in the firearm to the ATF
3.) Form 1 the firearm as an SBR, register it with the NFA
4.) Make the firearm compliant

The questions we had arose around option 4. The obvious answer is to swap the barrel and make it 16 inches or longer. However, if you keep the barrel length unchanged, according to the ATF agent at SHOT 2023 he stated that the brace needs to be “removed, destroyed and then the buffer tube needs to be shortened and made to which the buffer tube can no longer accept a brace, stock, or any other attachment that could be shouldered.”

We will do our best to keep our customers updated with any new information we hear regarding this issue.

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