Hardtack : The Original Survival Food.

Hardtack has been around in various forms since the invention of Flour. Consisting of only Flour,…

Scavenging for Food After the Apocalypse?

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How to save money on your grocery bill plus provide some food for the chickens and pigs.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oicx56GiVWk Check this video out for some information on potential problems on next planting season.

A Governments Warning “We Need 20 Months of Food to Survive Whats Coming”

Countries are hoading supplies for 2 years of hell, “white lung and wild variant is spreading”…

5 Year (7000$) Food Supply/ Color Coded System

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Emergency Food Supply Kit Taste Test – Valley Food Storage 72 Hour Kit

Let’s do an emergency food supply kit taste test with the Valley Food Storage 72 Hour…

Survival Food on the Go

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Semi Permanent Winter Camp in the Woods -Building a Camp Table Building an Axe Station, Cooking Food

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Boots on the Ground…Dec. 11th…Crime and food prices are on the rise.

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Boots on the Ground…Dec.10th…People are having trouble with the high cost of food.

https://survivaltribenetwork.com/ A site where you might be able to meet local preppers in your area.