Its Official: Russian Weapons Emergency!!!

Its official, Russia is gearing its economy up for a bigger conflict and the biggest fight…

Russias “SUPER: EMP Weapons Explained

The truth about NATO’s disadvantage… An in depth explaination of SUPER EMP weapons and how they…

A Nuclear Weapons Experts Last Ditch WARNING to the World

We welcome back Dr. Peter Vincent Pry to discuss the state of the conflict and what…

Inside report from…Grocery store chain, health care laboratory and weapons manufacture…SHORTAGES

Giving away weapons we might need for WW3…No material to manufacture more?

US Military says war in Ukraine will last years. Russia threatens to move nuclear weapons to border.

Poland is trying to start WW3…They want US nuclear weapons stationed in their country.

This is How the World Ends: Interviewing a Nuclear Weapons Specialist

In todays video we interview former Lieutenant Colonel Jay Block who has played an essential role…

How to Prepare for EMP Weapons w/ NASA Engineer

#emp #nuclear #prepping In todays video we answer all your questions about how to prepare for…

PLAN Not Panic…Make a plan for your safety if Nuclear weapons are used….Protect yourself

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