Scenario–Our community takes the good with the bad

Our wrol community suffers another death but also a great blessing.


The finale

Green River contest vid pt1

The 2nd part is where the action is

Scenario-Conflicit,Mr Peterson,Ak or AR or better yet more ammo.

I wanted to bring up interpersonal problems that could rise up. If america falls we could…

Survival Fuel Source

This is a video on some alternative fuel sources for your fire in a survival or…

Video response to Ironhead41 plan for security during wrol

Ironhead41 plan is what all of us should be working towards. But it will take alot…

Turtle Hunting

Turtle hunting out near one of our camps in freezing cold water! It was in the…

Firesteel fire w bark tinder

This video will show you how to process bark to be suitable tinder making material in…

Solutions to the wrol nightmare.

Answers to some of the problems we had in the last scenario video. Thanks for the…

A Lesson From My Father

A leson from my father I never forgot was