Simple line tensioning

Simple line tensioner

Single Stick Pan Crane

Using a single stick to crane the Pathfinder Skillet

Simple Effective Trap Trigger

Hooded Oil Cloth Watchcoat

New Product available exclusively at

Sub Caliber Adapters How? Why?

Exploring options for sun caliber adapters

How do clean your 12Ga

Cleaning a 12 Ga in camp I use Seafoam

New Tip or Trick around the Fire

Simple tool to make life easy around a camp fire!

Venison Backstraps

Simple cooking to make a great camp lunch

Muzzleloader Hunt follow up and 12 gauge demo

Discussing some adaptation’s for SS 12 gauge and Deer Hunt

Pre Hunt 12 Gauge Discussion and Muzzleloading

Discussing using a H&R single shot as a Muzzleloader