Two different accessories for more options with your battery powered tools. Using dewalt batteries in Porter Cable tools. To use 20 volt dewalt

Breaking News….Large cyber attack on Iran’s National Rail Network.

I thought we could make it thru the day without a major attack but nope.

SC Governor tells Biden no “door to door” harassment in SC

Todays news that preppers need to know

No unexplained fires or explosion involving our logistical supply chain. But today is not over.

URGENT….Do this immediately or the FBI will use it against you.

If you have children or grandchildren you better be careful. (Look up satire if your confused)…

Breaking news…Cargo ship explosion, Assassination, nuclear weapons, Nuclear War Survival Skills book Buy a large American flag and drive a liberal crazy

Breaking News…Another Pipeline explosion and fire….More Inflation at the hardware store

Many videos of women national team disrespect for our country. Latest video showing

Military protects you…NOW is the time for you to protect them.

Please call or email your representatives. Rep. Thomas Massie from Kentucky needs our support.

BREAKING NEWS…Terrible news for supply chain…Important factory explodes and burns to the ground Read this to fill in the details.

Help Wanted signs are everywhere.