Important update on smart bottles

Please make sure you order what you want. They have single wall and double wall construction…

Best water storage containers for camping, bug out bag or home Check out all their products. I highly recommend these for water storage

What is your plan to feed your family if SHTF????

EMP could devastate our country.

Affordable meal from left overs to survive the next Great Depression

Start researching meals from the 20s and 30s during the great depression. We might need these…

Federal judge overturned eviction moratorium…Great news

Sorry for some renters but the federal government has no right to interfere with rental contracts…

Most important inexpensive item to store for long term survivability in shtf.

Stock lots of this for your survival and that of others in your area.

Moving a injured person now or in SHTF event

Figure out NOW how to safely move a patient. Always protect the neck and back of…

Setting up your shtf medical clinic today.

Now is the time to prepare your medical plan for your family and friends.

Is this the end of America?

We are moving into terrible times.

Ideas to help you get thru the economic collapse

How to save a few dollars and reuse phone books.