Non essential worker’s taxes should also be non essential to the government now.

Lift the restrictions and use personal responsibility to get back to work.

How to build your homestead for free…Salvage and reuse

Getting material to build our survival retreat and homestead.

Corporate Walmart policy could kill their workers.

I feel terrible I had the life saving equipment available and the young man could not…

How to get more food while on lock down.

Ordering from Walmart can help you stock your pantry for this problem and the coming collapse…

Straight from the FEDEX driver’s mouth.

Front line workers not getting PPE.

Secure your food now…Build a chicken tractor.

Now is the time to prepare look at chickens to provide fresh meat and eggs.

Get off your butt and do something NOW.

If you are at your house for a few weeks do some home improvement projects if…

Your life is about to change for the worse if you’re not ready.

Please prepare as best as you can.

Amazon driver shares troubling information with me

My “last” supply run and Amazon delivery driver shares some troubling bad information with me.

Hard to find supplies sent to my daughter

What are you doing if your adult children are not prepping or can not find some…