Boots on the Ground…Sept. 17th…Prepare like your life depends on it because it just might.

We’re a homesteading, homeschool family in Kentucky and have been publishing homeschool resources for over 25…

Electrical tape…One item that can do alot of things for you in a survival situation. 10 pack Electrical tape can be bought

Heybike Ranger Electric Bike for everyday use. Is this one for you?

Addition cost for the prepper when you live in the country that you need to know about.

Boots on the Ground…Sept 15th…Good news hopefully no railroad strike

They can be reached at this email below: We raise Geese free range, on grass,…

Boots on the Ground…Sept.14th… Big unknown…Will the Railroads go on strike? My name is Ella and I am a rising senior at Newsome High School wanting

Better prepare for a worse case event…From railroad strike, higher inflation and potential WW3

Boots on the Ground…Sept. 13th…Price hikes on top of price hikes. Woodworking and wooden signs. EMAIL

The situation in Ukraine is causing more instability for the US and pushing up closer to war.

Boots on the Ground…Sept.12th…Wages are not keeping up with inflation