Boots on the Ground…Jan. 9th…Many people are suffering financially….Increased stress Small Business of the Day….Non Profit

Another attack on a power plant…Are your prepared to live with no power. Full story and pictures.

Boots on the Ground…Jan. 7th…Average American is still being hurt by high inflation rate.

How to save money on your grocery bill plus provide some food for the chickens and pigs. Check this video out for some information on potential problems on next planting season.

BREAKING NEWS…Fuel Pipeline supplying the east coast shut down. Are your tanks full?

Use these small emergencies as a test of your preps. The pipeline is suppose to opened…

Boots on the Ground…Jan. 4th…Egg and Milk shortage spreading.

Small Business of the day… JANUARY10 for $10 off

Feeling the urgency to speed up my preparations. Working to get more dry storage and work space.

Dewalt metal shears attachment…WORKED GREAT Full disclosure this is a amazon associate link. Using this…

Boots on the Ground…Jan. 2nd…Many can’t pay their utility bills and only going to get worse.

Small Business of the Day…

No New Year Resolutions just full speed ahead prepping before the economy collapses.

Boots on the Ground…Dec.31st…Major losses in the stock markets for 2022