Proof the end is near…Higher inflation

Yes I am joking alittle with the video title but this represent a 25% and 50%…

Turning kids play house, shed, chicken coup into emergency shelter for the coming depression.

Soon everyone will be mandated to get the jab.

You better have a “off-ramp” plan for you and your family.

Samuel Adams….It does not take a majority to prevail….but rather an irate, tireless minority. Keen on…

WW3??? Conflict is growing….Kosovo and Serbia moving tanks and troops to the the border.

14 Mexican soldiers arrested after cross into the US near El Paso Texas

Panic buying of fuel, food shortage, natural gas shortage in UK but coming to a town near you.

Got DARKER…HR 4350 passed house…Section529A final nail in the coffin for our military.

HR 4350 if it becomes law in this version it will be bad for freedom.

It is so much darker than I thought…After talking to active duty military guys.

We need your help protecting our military from the zab.

Please send me any info you can.