Neighbors grass fire could have been worse Many videos on how to protect your home or homestead from the threat of fire.

Getting water from the earth for home or emergency backup.

How to develop a spring for everyday use or SHTF event. This is the type…

Why I built my security fence this way.

A viewer’s keen eye prompted this video. Thanks

Tired of complaining…Going to get my stuff done

Put my energy into my list of things to do.

Military purge….Do not join the military

Sad to make this video.

For me and my house we will stand for freedom and righteousness

Every ham radio operator would love this in their back yard.

If interested in the upstate of SC please send me a email to This is…

Salvaging supplies for my MAD MAX hardware store.

A fun few hours with my son.

A citizen not a sovereign citizen….Two different things.

One word could cause a 180 degree turn in belief.

Please tell me the commanders intent before you march.

All tasks or missions require a commanders intent then we will work on a Operational Order.…