Intel gathering…What is flying over your head,-77.45/12 Check this site out to find out what is flying over your property.

Urgent update on Night vision availability

Original video Night Vision

Troubling intel I hope is not true. Watch for yourself Best deal out there on night vision. Tuesday I hope I

Stand now or kneel later

Virginia Citizens Defense League Attend the Lobby Day Jan 20–nauYGnkZ1GpBPuffk0DyOvFGjG_JNcD_hJkqjZ92FdcYS2at7YNrcoN1wu1

How to heat your home for FREE

Look for ways to become more frugal and self sufficient in your area.

Easy affordable protection for law enforcement and civilians.

Many departments have extra expired ballistic vest panels that could be used in cars to offer…

SP1 lives…Hard at work.

I am alive and well and working hard. House was built in 1931

Cheapest and BEST rocket stove

I have nothing into this excellent rocket stove you can put together. Sorry forgot to say…

Your survival supplies could get you killed.

In a worse case event you might have to flee leaving some of your supplies.

BEWARE…Buying property with a river or creek on it.

Make sure you know what you are buying.

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