Olight Arkfeld (Light/Laser) *Non-Sponsored* Review – Preparedmind101

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BSS V5 by Thrunite: Perfect For… – Preparedmind101

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I Bought A FOBOS ALARIS: Here’s My Thoughts… – Preparedmind101


Catapult Pro Super Thrower by Thrunite: Judgement Day for Eyeballs! (+ TW20 BSS Addendum) – PM101

ThruNite Catapult Pro Rechargeable Flashlight, SFT70 LED, 1005 Meters Throw, 2713 High Lumens Bright Searchlight, Long…

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Thrunite Archer Pro: 1022 Lumen Rechargable USB-C EDC Light (Even birds want it!) – Preparedmind101

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Retevis RT29 UHF Two Way Radios – Preparedmind101

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TOPS Silent Hero 4: My Two Cents – Preparedmind101

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Old Skool 3-Item Review (Plus one brilliant idea that worked!) – Preparedmind101

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