DIY Containment Room Kit (aka Dexter Kill Room)

PDF LINK: The purpose of this kit is to provide a basic set of supplies…

Wandering Beast Interview | YouTube, Prepping & EDC Gear Check!

Wandering Beast has been a HUGE inspiration to my YouTube channel. It was an honor to…

TUP Talks #1: Live Stream Q&A, Interview, and Prepping!

THE URBAN PREPPER: Facebook (Like): Twitter: Instagram: Bitchute: Minds:

Urban Situational Awareness: Mind Your Surroundings!

THE URBAN PREPPER: Facebook (Like): Twitter: Instagram: Bitchute: Minds:

Prepping for Survival Fitness [90 Day Challenge]

I’m doing a 90 Day Survival Fitness Challenge, hosted by Drop Forged Survival, and featuring a…

Talking Prepping with Rogue Preparedness

SUPPORT ROGUE PREPAREDNESS! YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: THE URBAN

DIY Negative Pressure Wound Therapy | Grid Down First Aid

TheMountainRN’s YouTube Channel: V.A.C. Simplace EX Dressing Small “Simplified Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Device…

Can A Magnet Erase Flash Memory? (e.g., SD Card, USB Flash Drive)


Urban Altoids EDC Kit (Version 4.0)

PDF: ARTWORK BY: Terry Huddleston MUSIC BY: Peter Adams (“MacGyver Knockoff”) THE URBAN…

The Top 7 PREPPING & GEAR Channels That Inspired Me

This video goes over the Top 7 YouTube channels that really inspired me to want to…

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