Category: Tom McElroy – Wild Survival

In my channel you will find bi-monthly tutorials related to survival and primitive skills–all of which I teach at my school– I first became interested in survival as a kid when my biggest desire was to live the free life, to hop box-car trains throughout the country, see the world and live a life close to nature and full of excitement. I began this journey in 1994, studying under Tom Brown Jr. Later on I lived in the woods for a year in a shelter I built from forest materials, made my own traps, bows, arrows, fire-making materials, pottery, deer hide clothing, baskets…etc. At 21 I became one of a few instructors for Tom Brown’s Wilderness School and taught there for 5 years. Got a BA from Rutgers University in Anthropology and a Masters in UN Policy for Indigenous peoples. I have spent time living in tribal villages in Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Mexico, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Please Subscribe!